Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chico California Wedding Photographer: Angela and Joey

The forecast held rain, but instead Angela and Joey had a gorgeous autumn day to celebrate their wedding. Angela and Joey met in college, both musicians with a love for people. Joey is one of those guys who is just so nice, he cares for the people around him and his love for Angela just shone through his eyes on their wedding day. Angela is quiet, but full of joy and it was such a privelege for me to capture her elegance. I am so excited to show off this lovely day.
Their wedding and reception was held at the Patrick Ranch, which I just loved! The Patrick Ranch is still being renovated, so the feel of the day was authentically vintage and rustic. Thanks Angela and Joey -- I am so grateful to have been a part of your day!

IMG_9810 copy
IMG_8819 copy

Cheers from the girls! Such a fun group of girls!
Lares23 copy
IMG_8836 copy
IMG_8969 copy
Lares3 copy
Lares17 copy

Cheers from the boys! A great group of guys as well!
IMG_2116 copy
Lares5 copy

Joey was so excited to see his bride!
IMG_2067-2 copy
Lares11 copy
Lares22 copy
Lares4 copy

I loved the little bit of exposed brick on this wall -- just awesome!
Lares6 copy
IMG_9228 copy

We went inside the ranch, which is truly in the midst of construction, but I just loved some of the aged walls and colors. Very fun!
Lares14 copy
I love this photo of Angela -- she is stunning!
IMG_9371 copy
Lares8 copy

I was so excited to meet Melinda from M Creations -- she did an amazing job with all of the floral design. Bacio Catering and Upper Crust did a wonderful job with the food!

IMG_0428 copy
Lares24 copy
IMG_9879 copy
IMG_0067 copy

A few more shots of the beautiful couple, as the evening light turned wonderful for us!
IMG_0125 copy
Lares1 copy
IMG_0237 copy
IMG_0251-2 copy

Kenny captured this photo near the end of the evening -- and I just love the result. What a timeless wedding day!
IMG_2333-2 copy

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chico California Photographer: Marissa and Brandon

Two months ago, Marissa and Brandon were living in Washington, about to celebrate their first wedding anniversary, when Brandon received a job offer! The job would take them far away from home and began in a brief two weeks. Before either of them could really even begin to process all that was happening, they found themselves hundreds of miles from home in a little city called Chico.... and I, well, I couldn't be more excited!

You see, Marissa just happens to be my sister! So while this job offer moved both her and Brandon far from their parents and all they had ever known, I could not be more grateful for their physical presence here in Chico. It has been a challenging, but greatly blessed journey for the two of them. They are amazing people and they are both greatly, greatly loved in this new city. Brandon is working tirelessly to redirect the PE program at Chico Christian School while Marissa is already teaching private piano lessons out of her studio. (If you are looking for a great piano instructor, Marissa is the best!)
To celebrate their first year together and all they have been through, I took them out for a little photo session last weekend and here are some of the results. I love you guys to pieces!!

Yep, who doesn't want to hang out with these two? They are a blast!
Dunn13 copy

I love the way that Brandon takes care of Marissa -- and gently leads her while also letting her blossom into the strong person that she is!
IMG_1879 copy
Dunn15 copy
IMG_2084 copy
IMG_2063 copy

Oh the fields of Chico are beautiful right now! The two of them are just stunning!
IMG_2027 copy
IMG_1978 copy
IMG_1988 copy
IMG_1985 copy
IMG_2035 copy

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chico California Senior Portraits: Justin Tease...

I adore this family -- and so when Stacey asked me to take Justin's senior photos, I was so pleased! Of course, boys typically do not want to get their photos taken, but Justin was such a trooper (as you can see in this set -- I was probably asking him to do something totally out of his comfort zone!)

IMG_0761 copy

As we were wrapping up his senior photos, Justin's two little sister's showed up, with the cutest outfits ever, so I definitely had to snap a couple photos. Here is just a tease of what is to come with this family!

IMG_1197 copy

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chico California Children's Photography: Baby Ella

I always enjoy meeting new clients -- and this family was no exception. As soon as I saw Ella, I knew we would have a great session! Here are a few of my favorites from her session. She showed all sorts of expressions, and laughed quite a bit near the end. What a treat for me to work with such adorable people! I look forward to capturing more with her parents soon!

Malinda1 copy
IMG_8486 copy
IMG_8436 copy
Isn't she just adorable? I love it!
IMG_8393-2 copy
IMG_8603 copy
Malinda2 copy
IMG_8565 copy

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chico California Wedding Photography: Jeff and Brianna

Brianna was just finishing up beauty school when her boyfriend, Jeff, came in for his haircut. As she finished up his hair and walked him to the door, he made sure to pay her for the cut. When she turned around though, instead of paying in cash, Jeff was down on one knee, asking Brianna to be his wife. They celebrated the evening with a beautiful dinner, Brianna still stunned out how Jeff had truly surprised her with his proposal.
This is just part of their story and I am excited to share their beautiful day with you in pictures. Jeff and Brianna, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day. I was honored beyond words to share in your moments and I just love your families!

IMG_5928 copy
Mellum10 copy
IMG_6004 copy
Mellum8 copy

Mellum6 copy
IMG_6172 copy

mellum copy
Mellum14 copy
IMG_6378 copy

Because Jeff and Brianna did not have a "first look" before the wedding, I only had about twenty minutes with them afterward. Here are some of my favorite shots from that time together.
IMG_6846 copy
Mellum1 copy
Mellum3 copy
IMG_7094 copy1
Mellum2 copy
IMG_7065 copy
Mellum4 copy

BACIO Catering and Mim's Bakery did an exceptional job with the evening. It was beautiful!
mellum17 copy
Untitled-1 copy
Mellum5 copy
IMG_7466 copy

The dancing was the highlight of my night -- and made me cry right alongside them. All of these people just love each other so much and it was so sweet to see.
IMG_7686 copy
IMG_7750 copy
IMG_7835 copy
IMG_7829 copy
IMG_7792 copy

Mellum11 copy
Mellum12 copy

I love this photo -- because in the background you can see Jeff's parents -- who I absolutely adore!
IMG_7908 copy