Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chico California Children's Photographer: Bits and Pieces

There are seasons in photography and I am definitely coming off of a very busy season. The fall is when wedding season collides with senior pictures, which collides with new babies being born, which collides with family sessions. These are the times when my poor husband lives off of grilled cheese sandwiches -- when my laundry lies in heaps around the basket because the basket is so full -- when I drink a few too many starbucks (or lately, tea lattes from the Tea Bar). I know, you almost feel bad for us, huh?
In all of this, I love my job and I love the seasons of this work. I haven't had the time to blog every single session lately, simply for times sake, but I did want to show off some of the beautiful children that I have worked with.

These two showed up at the end of their brother's senior portrait session. Definitely had to capture a bit of their cuteness:)
IMG_1121 copy
Blog` copy

This four week old baby loved, and I mean LOVED his Dad. What a great giggle...
IMG_4814 copy

Oh, and this girl is just so sweet. Look at those cheeks :)
IMG_4666 copy
IMG_4642 copy

Cheers to the fall season!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chico California Newborn Photography: Baby Hadley Tease...

What a beautiful little girl! I got to spend the morning with this cutie and her parents! I can't wait to show you more...

IMG_0285 copy

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chico California Wedding Photographer: Rebekah and Scott

Dear Rebekah and Scott,
You guys were perfect and you are perfect together! I am so thankful for the opportunity to meet you and cannot wait for your wedding next May. The two of you have such fun personalities -- and Rebekah, you are beautiful! I loved how willing you were to adventure to all sorts of places with me. You are wonderful and I really cannot wait to capture all of the fun we will have at your wedding celebation!
Cheers to you two! Here is just a glimpse into your engagement photos!

IMG_4273 copy
IMG_4284 copy
Retterath2 copy
IMG_4052 copy

IMG_4304 copy copy
IMG_4298-3 copy
IMG_4377 copy
IMG_4383 copy

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chico California Wedding Photographer: Ryan and Kristine

Last week, I delivered a finished wedding product to one of my clients -- and I realized that I was kind of sad. Sad, because there is so much work I get to do with clients leading up to their wedding day. I don't want my work with them to end! I really feel like I get to know my clients and the following is one of the reasons:
My relationship with my clients begins from the first interaction, whether by email or phone call. However, the engagement session is really when I get to know my brides and grooms better. It really prepares me for the wedding day -- allowing me to see how the two interact and how I can best put them at ease and bring out their incredible beauty. So, naturally, I love engagement sessions and weddings and then, in the end, I don't want any of it to end!
Meet Ryan and Kristine -- they are a beautiful couple and will be getting married at Canyon Oaks Country Club in May. Ryan is outgoing and Kristine is lovely -- they compliment one another so well. I loved watching Ryan take such good care of Kristine. I loved how Kristine respects Ryan. And, I am thrilled that this is just the beginning of my work with them! Cheers Ryan and Kristine! I love every side of you two!

Metzen1 copy
IMG_3195 copy

IMG_3334-2 copy
Metzen3 copy
IMG_3468 copy

Metzen2 copy
IMG_3667 copy
IMG_3755 copy

IMG_3271 copy
IMG_3555 copy

IMG_3875 copy
IMG_3909 copy
IMG_3920 copy

Monday, October 18, 2010

Chico California Newborn Photographer: Baby Dylan

I am always so blessed to work with the cutest newborns -- Baby Dylan is no exception. He was such a great baby -- and look at all his hair! I enjoyed taking photos of his beautiful Mom before he was born and I just loved meeting him one week after his birth. You can see the bond that he has already formed with his parents. They are truly a beautiful family! Thanks Leah and Yancey for sharing your son!

IMG_2908 copy
IMG_2946 copy

Leah and Dylan are so sweet!
IMG_2622 copy

I love the interactions with Dylan and Yancey!
IMG_2713 copy
IMG_2748 copy
IMG_3084 copy

IMG_2810-2 copy
IMG_2930 copy
IMG_2969 copy
IMG_2850 copy
IMG_2899 copy

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chico Newborn Portrait Photographer: Baby Ethan

Baby Ethan -- you are wonderful! You are too cute for your own good and I know why your parents can't get enough of you...
This month many babies have been born and I must say that taking photos of newborns is becoming one of my favorite things. Newborns are absolutely breathtaking!
Baby Ethan is a beautiful new creation -- he brings so much joy to his parents and I am just so glad to have been able to document him during his first week of life! What a blessing for me. Thank you so much Megan and Ryan!

IMG_2259 copy
IMG_2284-2 copy
IMG_2288-2 copy
IMG_2332 copy

I snapped a few photos of the nursey, but this has to be my favorite shot.
IMG_2375 copy

Ethan was so good to sleep through nearly all of the session!
Ethan1 copy

Here are some photos of Ethan in his Daddy's arms.
IMG_2404 copy
IMG_2542 copy
The side angle from the last shot :)
IMG_2556 copy

He just loves snuggling close to his Mother!
IMG_2569 copy

Ok, just one more of his cute, little face!
IMG_2247 copy

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chico California Portrait Photographer: Blake Family Tease...

Whew... It has been a busy weekend! I just finished a photo session with a sweet family! Here is a tease from their session. Thank you so much Blake Family!

IMG_4565 copy