Sunday, November 28, 2010

Chico California Photographer: Operation Christmas Card...

Every year around this time, I get a little nervous -- It is time for us, professional photographers, to take a nice self portrait for the Christmas Card. Oh dear, talk about pressure -- Pressure to have a good hair day (which doesn't happen often), pressure to take a photo with excellent composition and lighting, pressure to tilt our heads just right, there's just so much pressure (All Self-Induced, of course).

Well, today was that day and after at least thirty minutes of trying to take a nicely composed shot, we ended up with a one or two good ones. I know, you want to see which one we picked for our christmas card -- but I am sorry. I cannot show that to you. You see, I want everyone to be surprised when they open our Christmas Card. Maybe I am just silly about all of this, but what would be the fun of seeing a photo that you have already seen?

For now, here is our very last shot of the day -- And while our faces may look surprised here -- we really weren't and if some of you are reading into our expressions, they mean nothing more than silliness!

Cheers to everyone! I can't wait to open up your Christmas Cards!

IMG_5578 copy

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chico California Newborn Photography: Baby Jaden

I met Ashley and Chris over a year ago when we first came to Chico. Instantly, I loved them and admired their great love for God and for people! I am honored to call them friends.
And... A year later, we have seen miracles happen in their life -- the biggest being Baby Jaden, who was born in October of this year. He is a gift from God and I just love him! On the day of his big photo session, he was the best! Really, can a boy get any cuter?
Thank you Chris and Ashley and baby Jaden! I love you guys!

IMG_2534 copy
IMG_2536 copy

Ok, so maybe I was a bit annoying to this little one :)
IMG_2538 copy

IMG_2492 copy
IMG_2507 copy

Jaden2 copy
IMG_2554 copy
Jaden3 copy

Jaden1 copy

Monday, November 15, 2010

Chico California Wedding Photographer: Paul and Bethany's Engagement Tease...

Bethany and Paul: You are truly wonderful people! We loved spending time with you and we love your dog, Lily!
Here is just a tease from your engagement session...

IMG_4819-3 copy

IMG_4593 copy

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chico California Children's Photographer: L Girls Tease...

Aubrey -- You are a beautiful little girl! I have not even begun to download all of the photos from my time with Aubrey and her sister, Madison. Here is one tiny tease... Can't wait to share more!

Layland1 copy

Chico California Photographer: Baby Elizabeth Tease...

Dear Elizabeth: You are oh so sweet! I can't wait to share more from my time with this family...

IMG_3664 copy

Friday, November 12, 2010

Chico California Photographer: Farris Family Tease...

I love my job -- I love the people that I meet and the love how each story is so unique and wonderful! This family is no exception! Here is a tease from their session... And, Happy Birthday to their beautiful Mom, Dani!

Farris copy

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chico California Wedding Photographer: Scott and Surina Engagement

There are some people that are just too wonderful to photograph. That, combined with a beautiful setting, brings me so much joy! Capturing this sweet couple in San Francisco was perfect!
Surina and Scott met at work, they may make a joke or two about that :)All jokes aside, that didn't stop Scott from falling madly in love with Surina! They are an awesome couple -- and working with them was truly an honor for me.
Scott and Surina, thank you for letting me come to your city and capture your love! Cheers to your wedding in Cabo next fall!

IMG_1160-2 copy
IMG_1152 copy

IMG_0945 copy
Surina2 copy

IMG_1086 copy
Surina3 copy

We headed down to Baker Beach for some photos as the sun was setting. There are so many I could showcase from this beautiful spot....
IMG_1203 copy
Surina copy
IMG_1288 copy

IMG_1262 copy
IMG_1326-2 copy
IMG_1308 copy
IMG_1295 copy

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chico California Newborn Photographer: Baby Hadley

Welcome to the world, Baby Hadley! You are beautiful and you already have amazing hair! What more could a baby girl ask for?
On the day of photos, Hadley decided that she didn't really like me, or at least like the idea that she was getting her photo taken. In the hours that I spent with her, I would say we became friends. And as you will see, at the very end of this session, as we were cleaning up, baby Hadley even gave me a smile :)
Cheers to you Baby Hadley -- you and your parents are so sweet!

Hadley copy
IMG_0355 copy
IMG_0342 copy
Hadley6 copy

The Decor in Hadley's bedroom was so unique -- I loved the touch of colors added.
Hadley5 copy
IMG_0216 copy
IMG_0780 copy
IMG_0692 copy

IMG_0645 copy

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chico California Portrait Photographer: S Family Tease...

It is definitely fall here in Chico! With that comes new seasons of photography as well. I have been doing much more work with families and had my first round of holiday portrait sessions this past weekend. I am still offering this through the 20th of November as well, so please email me soon if you are interested. They are mini sessions for holiday cards and gift giving.
Here is a quick look at one of the sweet families that I worked with. Some of you may remember Maddie from earlier this year. She is such a cutie! Kristina and Paul, thank you so much for investing in my work. You are wonderful people!

Smith2 copy
IMG_2895 copy

Friday, November 5, 2010

Chico California Newborn Photography: Sweet Jaden Tease...

You would not believe the amazing cuteness and cuddliness that came from this little guy yesterday! I think we are going to be good friends for a very long time! More to come...

IMG_2529 copy

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chico California Wedding Photographer: Surina and Scott Tease...

I was so lucky to work with Scott and Surina last weekend in San Francisco! These two are perfect for each other! I can't wait to show you more photos soon...

IMG_1099-2 copy

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chico California Children's Photographer: Mia Tease...

Sometimes a picture is better than words, which is definitely the case here... Here is a tease from my time with Mia and Tyler and their cute Mom!

IMG_1694 copy

Oh San Francisco, your light was good to me :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chico California Photographer: A Quick Trip...

Well, Kenny and I are home from a very quick trip to San Francisco. Twenty Four Hours, Two Photo Sessions, Eight Miles of Walking, Fisherman's Wharf, Piers 1-39, The Ferry Building, China Town, Union Square, Cafe Maria, Starbucks, and Witnessing the Giant's Game Winning Home Run of the World Series on the big screen at the Civic Center with thousands of fan. Wow! I would say it was a great trip!

Let's just say there may be some new blisters on my toes today :)
I will post some teases in the coming days from our photo sessions in the city...

IMG_1195 copy