Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chico California Wedding Photographer: David and Casey

Gosh -- I don't think I could like my job any more than I do! Posting a wedding makes me realize how much I really, really love capturing these glorious moments!

David and Casey were married in a beautiful church in Fillmore, California just east of Ventura. I was so excited to have the 2011 wedding season start with this one. David and Casey love God and love each other so much! They are truly a beautiful couple.
On their wedding day -- I don't think their joy could have been any greater. They were so excited to see each other -- you will see a couple photos from their first look -- and you just see that they are good friends. Their wedding was meaningful -- the ceremony taking place in the church that Casey's father pastored. The reception was filled with so many fun friends and family. It was a blessed night and I am so glad that I Kenny and I could be a part of it.
Thank you David and Casey. You are so wonderful!

Millot 15 copy

There is no way around it -- the details in her dress were amazing -- not to mention Casey is a stunning bride!
Millot 16 copy
IMG_8988 copy
IMG_8952 copy
Millot 4 copy

David -- you are one lucky guy! Thanks for finding "plan B" for our first look photos...
Millot 1 copy

Oh, the first look! Everything was planned out -- photos were going to be taken in a beautiful park just west of town. When Kenny and I arrived early to scope out the park, we were greeted with information that the park was closed and trespassers were definitely not allowed... So, I headed back to the Salon to photograph the girls, while Kenny and the boys headed to find "plan b". Now remember, Kenny and I have never traveled to this town -- we don't know a thing. Thankfully, the boys ended up in the quaint downtown area. These people are truly the best!
IMG_0295-2 copy
Millot 13 copy

IMG_9106-3 copy
IMG_9112 copy

Casey put up with the wind all day long -- You rocked it, sister!
IMG_9100-2 copy
Millot 12 copy

I try to place my couples in somewhat of a pose, and then let them do their thing. I love the results -- and especially like this "in between" moment here...
IMG_9089-2 copy
Millot 6 copy
IMG_9503 copy
Millot 11 copy
IMG_9482 copy

How can you not love the expressions on the groomsmen's faces?...
IMG_9310 copy

When I arrived downtown with the girls, I noticed this little antique store. I saw the gorgeous light streaming in and knew that I need to take at least a few photos here.
Millot7 copy
IMG_0401 copy
Millot 9 copy
IMG_9280 copy
IMG_0399-2 copy
Millot 8 copy

We headed to the church and I snapped just a few photos before the wedding began...
Millot3 copy
Millot 10 copy
IMG_9592 copy

Casey's father passed away when she was in college -- It was an absolutely touching, beautiful moment when Casey walked down the aisle between her younger brother and mother. One of the moments where you feel God's presence...
IMG_9669 copy
IMG_9699 copy
IMG_9727 copy
IMG_9759 copy

And -- they are excited to be Mr. and Mrs.....
IMG_0014 copy
IMG_0039 copy
IMG_0056 copy
IMG_10069 (101) copy
IMG_10069 (86) copy
Millot 17 copy
IMG_10069 (258) copy
IMG_10069 (259) copy

I could highlight so many more photos from this wedding and reception -- but I am out of time and room :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chico California Photographer: Today I Caved...

I gave in... I never thought I would... But I did...

For those of you who know me, you know I like a good Chai tea. So, when I say I am a Starbucks fan, which I definitely am, I am not necessarily a coffee drinker. I go for a chai tea latte with a touch of whip cream and cinnamon on top. So tasty!

Today, I drank an americano. Straight from my espresso machine, no added sugar, nothing but a touch of cream. It was two o clock and I still had a long way to go. And so, I drank an americano.

It was ok -- Tomorrow, I think I will drink a chai tea.

Cheers to this beautiful weather and to catching up on all of my editing!

IMG_1545 copy

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chico California Portrait Photographer: Ethan Tease...

Dear Ethan,
You are growing up so fast! Kenny and I love knowing you and your sweet parents. You are too cute for words. Here is a tease from their session today.

Cheers to Monday and my short week!
I am headed on a little vacation with my entire family very, very soon :)
IMG_1268 copy

Friday, January 21, 2011

Chico California Wedding Photographer: An Investment Worthwhile...

Back in 2004, when I was engaged and planning my wedding, I did not prioritize photography. Crazy, huh? You see, I am a very practical person and all I could see in my mind was numbers. No one told me that photography is an investment.

So, what did I do? I hired a friend -- who loved photography and had a great camera. While I am thankful for his hard work on the day of my wedding, he didn't have the experience or equipment that a quality, professional has to offer. To this day, I do not have one portrait from my wedding hanging in my home. Goodness -- and I am a wedding photographer!

I think this is very common for a lot of brides and grooms. Photography simply is misunderstood. It is so easy to just see photographers as another vendor to hire and fit into your budget on a wedding day. Yet, wedding photographers will serve you long after your wedding day. You will always have your photos to remember the glorious moments of that day.

So think about it -- Look at the long term investment that a quality wedding photographer has to offer. Sometimes, brides and grooms are so quick to dismiss a photographer because of the price -- I would say meet with that photographer. See if you truly appreciate their work -- and maybe, be convinced that this vendor is worth investing in. I know money doesn't grow on trees and believe me, I am a very frugal person. Just ask Kenny, I do not like to spend money. The thing is, to this day, I really, really wish that I had spent more money on my wedding photography.

Ok -- hope this encouraged you! Cheers to Friday! And again, to this beautiful couple who I will soon feature their entire wedding on my blog!

IMG_0399-2 copy

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chico California Photographer: Olivia James Hair Salon

Nearly twice a month I will be featuring a local business here on my blog. It is such an honor for me to work with so many talented people! This week's feature is below:

Olivia James Hair Salon -- It just sounds wonderful -- and it is!
Yesterday, I had the privelege of photographing this business and let me tell you -- the Salon is full of life! There were stylists and clients everywhere. Everyone seemed so happy to be there. I think it is because the owners of the Salon, Martin and Lori, do such a good job of managing and hiring a creative and excellent team of people. I know some of the stylists and they are among the best!

I would highly recommend this salon -- You can find them here on facebook.
Thanks Olivia James for your beautiful work!

Olivia2 copy

IMG_0620 copy

Olivia4 copy

IMG_0453 copy

Olivia copy

IMG_0678 copy

Olivia2 copy

IMG_0720 copy