Thursday, April 7, 2011

Head On Over To A New Blog!

The rumors are true... I have launched a new blog! For almost a year now, I have been dreaming of a new blog, with some different features and a really clean look. And here it is -- I am giddy with excitement! It would be kind of fun if you wanted to share the new blog with some of your family and friends -- or maybe even bookmark it. Really, I would just be honored if you took a look!

Without further ado:

Cheers! See you on the blog!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chico California Photographer: Dear Kenny...

Dear Kenny,

Thank you so much for your help. Thank you for giving up so many of your days off to photograph weddings. Thank you so much for never giving up on me, despite my craziness and emotional instability at times :) Thank you for learning the skill of photography, for teaching me how to be more creative, and for making sure that every family member makes it into the family photos at a wedding. Thank you for letting me drink starbucks all the time (seriously, you are so sweet). Thank you for serving the people around us so well and then taking the time to serve me. Thank you for making our life an adventure. Thank you for making me laugh so hard -- and for making the bridal party laugh when things get kind of hectic. Thank you for standing beside me, and leading me.
Thank you Kenny -- for everything. I am so proud to be your wife, friend and have you by my side at nearly every wedding. I think the world would agree -- I am one lucky girl!

We stepped into the photo booth at our last wedding and well, I think we had a good time :)

Untitled-1 copy

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chico California Wedding Photographer: Jeff and Julia Tease...

I am so thankful to work with these two! Jeff and Julia are amazing people, with so much passion for God, and life together. They will be getting married in twenty seven days and I can't wait!

This tease only begins to showcase their joy!

IMG_0059 copy
IMG_0067 copy

Friday, April 1, 2011

Chico California Wedding Photographer: Levi and Heidi Tease...

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I had with these two yesterday. Heidi and Levi are the type of people that you want to be around -- just that great and totally down to earth!

Cheers to the sunshine, Friday evening, and some quality time with people I love!

IMG_9587 copy
IMG_9490 copy

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chico California Photographer: Baby K Tease...

Kaidyn is six weeks old -- and so precious! Meeting her yesterday and seeing her Mom was one of the highlights of my week. I can't say it enough -- I am blessed with the world's best clients. ever. ever. ever!

Thank you so much for letting me do what I love! Kaidyn, you are so sweet!

IMG_8395-2 copy

Chico California Portrait Photographer: L Family Tease...

You think this little man is cute? Wait until you see his sisters! I am so blessed to work with the sweetest clients ever!

Cheers to lots of editing and more photo sessions still to come!

IMG_8760 copy

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chico California Senior Portrait Photographer: Hannah Tease...

It was a nice change to photograph a senior session yesterday and Hannah is simply stunning.

Cheers to a week full of wonderful sessions and the chai tea that keeps me going!

IMG_7615 copy

Chico California Wedding Photographer: Shoes...

Well -- it is no secret -- I like shoes! I think there is something about a pair of heels or the sweetest pair of flats that just inspire me creatively. Believe it or not, I always start a wedding day, photographing the bride's shoes.

I'm off to shoot a senior session -- and I'll be sporting some cute shoes for inspiration -- but not quite as cute as this bride's heels :) (More on these shoes later...)

IMG_5987 copy

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chico California Wedding Photographer: Paul and Bethany Tease...

I am still processing so much of what happened yesterday -- as the weather turned from miserable wind and rains, to a sun-lit evening. God had His hand on this wedding day, that is for certain.
Paul and Bethany: I can hardly wait to unfold your story on my blog in the days to come. You are beautiful people!

For now, this one caught my eye. It is truly just a tease from their day, but see how their smiles show so much!
IMG_6525 copy

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chico California Wedding Photographer: Saturday...

I think it is hard to know what to write on the world wide web. You never really know who reads your posts. My vulnerability is best seen behind the camera, where I take risks and pour my heart into the art that I am creating and the life that I am capturing. However, sometimes I just want to write. Today won't be one of those long winded conversations -- but I am asking you to join me in something wonderful.

You see, I am praying. Praying for a break in this crazy weather. And while I would certainly love to see the sun for a dose of Vitamin D, I am praying because of this sweet couple below. You see, Saturday marks their wedding day. It is going to be a gorgeous affair -- outdoors, here in Chico. Bethany will be a radiant bride, and I know a beautiful spring day would mean the world to both of them!
So, I am praying for a "rainless" Saturday and am asking you to join me. The weather channel says rain, but I think God can work a miracle. What do you think? Will you join me?

I adore this couple and I can't wait to see what God will do on their wedding day. And just so you know, I will keep you posted :)

IMG_4819 copy

Chico California Wedding Photographer: Billy and Bri's Engagement

Last Friday I had the opportunity to work with Billy and Bri -- at Disneyland!
Billy is in the military, and currently stationed in Korea, so we had to take advantage of his two weeks at home. When we discovered that my trip to Mexico, would overlap with their trip to southern California, we quickly decided that Disneyland would be our meeting spot. And... it worked perfect!
Bri and Billy have a zeal for life. They laugh so easily and make everyone around them feel so comfortable. I loved being around them!
While shooting at Disneyland certainly held some challenges for me as an artist, I was surprised and excited to find so many spots with great light and less crowds :) They were such good sports as we hiked around all of disneyland!
Thank you Bri and Billy! I look forward to your wedding -- and to getting to know you more. What a joy to be at the happiest place on earth with the two of you!

Here are just a few of my favorites from our session!
You guys are adorable!
Bri6 copy
IMG_5883 copy
Bri3 copy
Bri4 copy
IMG_5704 copy
IMG_5723 copy
Bri5 copy
Bri2 copy

Don't you just love how happy they are?
IMG_5476 copy

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chico California Portrait Photographer: M Family

My tan from Mexico is quickly fading, as I watch the water pour down outside :) It has been a really strange week of weather here in Chico. Lots of rain, and it feels really cold outside. Maybe the eighty five degree weather in Mexico spoiled me.
Anyway, because of the weather, most of my sessions have been rescheduled and I am catching up on TONS of editing!

This little girl and her sweet parents, had a quick session with me before I left for Mexico. I always appreciate meeting new people and hearing some of their story. Brooke is a beatiful blonde and will be a wonderful big sister in the near future :)

Cheers to rain and chai tea and catching up on my office work! For those of you waiting on an email from me -- that is next on my list :) Look for a session from the happiest place on earth, in the very near future!

Katie1 copy
Katie3 copy
IMG_2656 copy
IMG_2690 copy

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chico California Photographer: Some Thoughts from Mexico...

We spent the last week with eighty seven people, building homes in Mexico. It was a beautiful adventure, with a lot of powerful moments that I got to capture behind the camera. (Granted, I am not naturally gifted at roughing it in the middle of the desert, so being home never felt better :))
Tonight, I just wanted to share a few of my favorite details. I have not even had time to cull through all of the photos, but these ones stuck out to me from the start. As you are starting to see, I love the abstract details and Mexico is full of so many great colors!
I know it is simply a tease and doesn't even begin to show the work and emotions that went into this trip, so bear with me as I will show more from the trip in the coming weeks.
On another note -- the blog will start to be full -- so please keep in touch! I will have so many beautiful people and weddings to show you soon! Cheers to Monday and a couple days off! Kenny and I will be catching up on some much needed rest -- and of course some of our favorite shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race!

IMG_3256 copy
IMG_3832 copy
Mexico1 copy

mexico2 copy
Copy of IMG_3958 copy

The outside of the church. We built a home and sunday school classrooms across the street from here.
IMG_3949 copy

And of course.... my addiction to photographing chairs continues...
Mexico3 copy

Friday, March 18, 2011

Chico California Wedding Photographer: Billy and Brianna Tease...

Well friends, I am back in the wonderful state of California -- back from building homes in Mexico. Photos from this great adventure are coming soon.
For now, we are at Disneyland with our team and I may have managed to sneak in an engagement session this morning at the happiest place on earth!
Brianna and Billy, you are wonderful people! I can't wait to showcase more from your session!

IMG_5713 copy

Friday, March 11, 2011

Chico California Portrait Photographer: Brooke Tease...

You don't get much cuter than this! Meet little Brooke. I met her sweet family this afternoon and just could not get enough of her cuteness on film :)

Well, I am off to Mexico, to serve alongside ninety other people for the week. It will be a wonderful adventure, but I look forward to coming home and working with so many of you in the coming weeks and months! Cheers to all of you -- I am so, so grateful for your investment in my work and my life! See you on the blog soon!

IMG_2691-2 copy
IMG_2773 copy

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chico California Wedding Photographer: Chris and Mallory

Chris and Mallory met in class -- and from the moment they discovered they lived in the same dorm, they just clicked. They would find themselves waiting for each other at the dorm, just to walk to class together. Soon after, they started dating and as you can tell, they are perfect for each other. Chris asked Mallory to marry him this year and she said yes! I have not known the two of them long, but I already just love them!
Enjoy a look at these photos from their engagement session -- I can hardly wait until their wedding! It will be gorgeous!

As for this photo, we started the session here -- and soon discovered that the horses love attention!
IMG_1637 copy

I love their style!
IMG_1678 copy
IMG_1689 copy
Lyons1 copy
IMG_1782-2 copy
IMG_1827 copy
Lyons2 copy

They are too sweet, huh?
IMG_1846 copy
IMG_1853-2 copy

The location of our session was an amazing private residence!
Lyons4 copy

Do you not love this lifeguard stand?
Lyons3 copy
IMG_2214 copy

Mallory, you are beautiful!
IMG_2188 copy
IMG_2258-2 copy
IMG_2149-2 copy

Their sweet dog, Lenny, was a part of the session. He is a mover and a shaker :)
IMG_2301-2 copy

We ended the session with a couple sweet photos as Lenny ran around behind us...
IMG_2330 copy
Lyons9 copy

Cheers to Friday! Have a great weekend everyone!