Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chico California Portrait Photographer: M Family

My tan from Mexico is quickly fading, as I watch the water pour down outside :) It has been a really strange week of weather here in Chico. Lots of rain, and it feels really cold outside. Maybe the eighty five degree weather in Mexico spoiled me.
Anyway, because of the weather, most of my sessions have been rescheduled and I am catching up on TONS of editing!

This little girl and her sweet parents, had a quick session with me before I left for Mexico. I always appreciate meeting new people and hearing some of their story. Brooke is a beatiful blonde and will be a wonderful big sister in the near future :)

Cheers to rain and chai tea and catching up on my office work! For those of you waiting on an email from me -- that is next on my list :) Look for a session from the happiest place on earth, in the very near future!

Katie1 copy
Katie3 copy
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