Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chico California Photographer: Some Thoughts from Mexico...

We spent the last week with eighty seven people, building homes in Mexico. It was a beautiful adventure, with a lot of powerful moments that I got to capture behind the camera. (Granted, I am not naturally gifted at roughing it in the middle of the desert, so being home never felt better :))
Tonight, I just wanted to share a few of my favorite details. I have not even had time to cull through all of the photos, but these ones stuck out to me from the start. As you are starting to see, I love the abstract details and Mexico is full of so many great colors!
I know it is simply a tease and doesn't even begin to show the work and emotions that went into this trip, so bear with me as I will show more from the trip in the coming weeks.
On another note -- the blog will start to be full -- so please keep in touch! I will have so many beautiful people and weddings to show you soon! Cheers to Monday and a couple days off! Kenny and I will be catching up on some much needed rest -- and of course some of our favorite shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race!

IMG_3256 copy
IMG_3832 copy
Mexico1 copy

mexico2 copy
Copy of IMG_3958 copy

The outside of the church. We built a home and sunday school classrooms across the street from here.
IMG_3949 copy

And of course.... my addiction to photographing chairs continues...
Mexico3 copy