Friday, February 11, 2011

Chico California Portrait Photographer: Ryan, Megan and Ethan

I think it is fitting to have a post with this sweet family today as it has been nearly one year since Kenny and I moved to Chico. At this time last year, Ryan and Megan invited us in as roomates. Little did they know, they would have to put up with us for almost three months. You have to be pretty amazing to live with Kenny and I for that long -- and let me tell you, they are! Now they have sweet Ethan.
All that to say, I am so grateful for Ryan and Megan and Ethan. Documenting their pregnancy through Ethan's four months has been wonderful. They are great parents -- and Ethan is a bundle of cuteness... I know you will be seeing more of this little guy.

We started the session in their home, just hanging out...
IMG_1258 copy
IMG_1224 copy
IMG_1268 copy

They are such good parents...
IMG_1110 copy
IMG_1190 copy
IMG_1102 copy

Poor little man -- there is nothing worse than a camera in your face.
IMG_1042 copy
Not to worry, he calmed right down in his Mom's arms...
IMG_1303 copy

We went to a location outside and Ethan loved it.... They are a beautiful family, huh?
IMG_1435 copy
Gulby1 copy
IMG_1424 copy
Gulby2 copy

So cute...
IMG_1453-2 copy
Gulby3 copy

Cheers to Friday and so much to look forward to!


Katie Campbell Photography said...

Kim, I love these!! The one where they are bending down holding his had....OHHH so precious! :)
You amaze me.